It’s very hard, I promise you, to think about weddings when outside the wind and rain are rattling the windows and in the bigger world, coronavirus seems to be taken hold globally. But think about it, I must, so to try to ease myself into wedding mode, I have just treated myself to reading my own blogs (self-indulgence) about my two daughters’ wedding days. And now I feel in a much better frame of mind which just goes to show that I should do this more often. Anyway, enough nostalgia!

In 2016, we held one of three big marquee events here. The first being a 21st/25th wedding anniversary and the third being the twins’ 21st and the one in the middle was our eldest daughter’s wedding. And whilst I have happy memories of the first and third event, the wedding is definitely the stand-out Crow House event.Of course, back then, the Barn was not the pristine home-from-home holiday let that it is now and, particularly the downstairs, was full of what is described in polite society as ‘other people’s stuff’. I used to call it something rather more rustic!

So having changed our lives quite dramatically last summer into bed and breakfast hosts, it seemed a no-brainer to consider offering our venue for weddings. Not because I want to organise/be in charge of someone else’s wedding – that’s way too much responsibility. It’s just that in this very busy world, this is a beautiful, peaceful and unspoilt place where weddings can be wonderful. And we can offer a fabulous place to stay before and during the wonderful celebrations.

It’s a big step and one I felt I couldn’t take on my own. So as ever, ask a professional. My first foray at this didn’t go so well with an established wedding planner telling me that “everyone thinks they have a marvellous wedding venue” and that therefore, not having ever been here herself, mine would not be anything special. Luckily, my cheesy chum (as in works at The Cheeseboard – finest cheeserie in Harrogate¬† suggested I contact the wonderful Rosie Green. And wonderful she most definitely is.

Rosie is brilliant at weddings and it only takes a few minutes on her website ( to see that she is a lady of extraordinary organisational skills coupled with a tremendous sense of fun. Rosie came to see us and – and this happens every time she comes – the sun shone. Frankly I need her here every day at the moment because we’ve had so much rain, we’ve barely been able to mow the lawn for months! Anyway, Rosie came and had loads of ideas and suggestions and we are now planning to work together. So if you want a wedding at this beautiful place, Rosie is an integral part of the arrangement.

So now we are hoping for a few beautiful days and some would-be brides and grooms (and their families, of course) to come and see us in our spring finery. It’s another new and exciting venture for us, but as long as we have Rosie to hold our hand, we think it promises to be wonderful. And ‘promises’ are what weddings are all about – of course!
Crow House Barn: the Wedding Business Crow House Barn: the Wedding Business Crow House Barn: the Wedding Business

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